Cool Math Cupcakeria Online For Kids

Math games are becoming more and more popular among kids and their parents. Most of the difficult mathematical concepts become easy to learn with the help of online math games. Cool math Cupcakeria is another popular math game which serves to teach kids about time management.


How to Play Cool Math Cupcakeria?

Cool Math has made this game simple enough for the kids to play. The basic concept of this game is that the player works in a restaurant that sells cupcakes. Now what does the player has to do? The player’s job is to take orders from the customers and serve them in the best possible way. Doesn’t sound much difficult? Well, it is, but for kids, it might be a bit complicated. In the higher levels, the number of customers will increase which will make time-management more difficult.

To increase the interest of the kids, now this game allows them to create a custom character rather than choosing one. After they have created their character, they can begin playing the game.

Receiving the Orders:

Almost all of the cool math games come with a section where the player has to take the orders from the customers. The customers walk in the restaurant, and the player has to greet them immediately. He has to make sure that he takes their order and write it down carefully. Once he is done with one customer, he can move on to the next one.

Remember, time management is the key to scoring high points in this game. If you can’t manage time, well then you will lose.

All the ingredients that are required to make delicious cupcakes are available in the game. Now it is the player’s job to utilize those ingredients to earn high scores. Every customer will have a different order requiring different ingredients. It is very important to choose the right type of ingredients for every customer.

If the player serves the wrong type of cupcake to a customer, he/she will lose points. After carefully selecting the material, the player has to mix it all and bake. The player must keep an eye on the timer to avoid over baking the cupcakes.

Garnishing the Cupcakes:

The right type of topping is what makes the cupcakes look more complete and beautiful. The player does not have to worry about the toppings as this game provides some very good toppings. The player can choose any topping that he likes to garnish the cupcakes. This part of the game is very important for earning high tips from the customers. High tips will earn you high scores.


In today’s world, online games have become very popular, and they may have their negative aspects as well. Some of the online games are completely baseless and very much a wastage of time. In that case, cool math Cupcakeria really is a cool game as it has its own benefits. Through this game, kids can learn how to manage their time and be more active. They also get a chance to enhance their mental abilities which make them think in a critical manner.