Best dash cam review

The Lukas LK-7950 WD is among the latest cameras Published by the Korean Producer Qrontech. This is a full featured double channel camera using 1080p recording for both the front and back cameras. The LK-7950 WD is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM8148 processor which controls the two cameras.

The front camera records at 1080p 30fps with a bit rate of 7Mbps. The back camera records at 1080p 24fps using a bit speed of 5Mbps. This camera has very good video quality through the day and good video quality at night to the front camera. The back camera is a marginally worse because of the lower bit rate and lower fps. The Panorama X2 (2 chips and greater bitrate) has marginally better video quality but the LK-7950-WD isn’t so far behind.

What makes the Lukas stand out is the number of attributes provided:

  • Dual Performance: Uses a Complete size SD card (maximum 256GB) for ordinary video and a microSD card (maximum 256GB) for event footage
  • The front and back cameras are separate documents but also the viewer software synchronizes them for watching
  • WiFi capability using Android and iOS programs
  • Many modification settings (such as correcting for tinted windows) and even enables adjustments to me personally created while the camera is recording
  • Intense operating temperature capability of -30C to 80C
  • Built-in low voltage cut-off
  • UV Filter and CPL Filter
  • Ability to define the motion detection region
  • Auto-format function
  • Excellent Lukas viewer app
  • Optional Built-in GPS that provides the capability to trip distance
  • Optional OBDII connectivity
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While most Korean Dual Cameras possess a large touch screen, the LK-7950 WD only has a simple LED on the rear of the camera. However, there are some things to be aware of:

  • the largest drawback is that the large size of the front camera at 109mm x 99mm x 38mm. Total black are a little more discreet.
  • The LK-7950 WD was designed to be utilized for parking style and no cigarette lighter supplied. A 3-wire hardwire ( battery, acc(floor) is provided and this can be typically connected to the fuse box. You can purchase an optional cigarette lighter connector if necessary
  • USDashCamera has created a video review published below.

Guidelines For Using Doulci Tool For Your Device

There is no denial to the fact that apple devices are leading in the market these days. But unfortunately, even if it is the most expensive device that is ruling the market, there are many frustrated users who have to face quite often some problems that need either to visit the workshop or get the phone completely formatted. This eventually makes a user frustrated because at the end, a user has to lose all the important data. Apple devices are popular because of incredible applications and fast functions that has become a necessity these days. No doubt it symbolizes the social status but there is equally high risk of theft increasing. To improve the security measures, apple has come with some incredible features and iCloud locking is one of them.

Role of Doulci Activator For Unlocking iCloud:

As said, iCloud helps to protect the phone from getting misused. But if a user fails to enter the right credentials of iCloud, chances are high for the phone to get locked. That is when Doulci download activator can be of great help. It is an ultimate solution for all the iDevices users to unlock the iCloud and get the phone in a regular working condition. This type of tool is extremely easy to download and install. Besides, it does not require any kind of security based questions to be answered correctly. The main purpose of this tool is to let unlock the iCloud activation lock of the device

Different Devices On Which Doulci Tool Works The Best

It does not necessarily mean that you have to download Doulci in your iDevice. You can download it to another device of android as well. This tool works best for iPhone 5, iPhone 5 C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad mini 3, and iPad touches that have 5G device as well.  You need to have certain firmware as well which must be capable with Doulci download such as iOS 8.2 iCloud bypass activation. There are more versions to it and the last version 10.1 is already out but 10.2 version is undergoing progress currently.

Best Steps To Download Doulci Activator Tool

There is no hard and fast rule to download Doulci tool. You can download it for Windows or iOS system by choosing a genuine link that you get it online. Then you need to turn on the mode of DFU on your device and plug it to the computer through USB. Make sure you activate the tool by clicking on ‘active bypass button now’ option. Wait for the device to get detected and the reboot the device. Once you set up the ID, email and password you simply have to restart the device and start using it like earlier.

Thanks to Doulci tool, now you don’t have to face the trouble of unlocking your iDevice again. The best part about this tool is there is no cost incurred of downloading it. It allows the user to take the hold of apple server and unlock the device accordingly.