Natural U Part Wigs

You’ve decided on the natural hair style you want and you’re ready to get started. Make sure to cornrow back all of your natural hair to keep it as a protective natural hair style. Some producers even provide a full silicone base – for those found this website for yaki clip in human hair extensions with full hair loss – which makes a vacuum between the scalp and base, making the natural hair almost impossible to accidentally dislodge.

To me those sorts of comments make me feel like natural black hair is being exoticized”, which is almost as bad as hearing racist comments about my hair. We gently steam process our stock straight hair wigs to pattern various other textures. I can tell you that it will be worth it, because now instead of just having her last me two weeks, I can have further use for her in the future and in between protective styles as my natural hair continues to grow.

Nubian Afro Kinky SHORT = length is 8″ to 14″ with the shortest length at the top and the longest at the bottom for a full layered look. No matter what ethnicity of hair is used, wigs should always be washed in luke-warm water with a gentle shampoo and a thick, nourishing condiitioner.

This will minimize the friction on your natural hair and help you retain moisture. Afro puff- Make a sleek bun and wrap loose natural wefts around to recreate this look! Although you can (many of our customers do), we do not recommend applying heat or chemicals to your Platinum Kinky and Curly wig unit.

Our indian remy hair , full lace wigs and all of our glueless lace wigs are very easy to take on and off. Reply: All our wigs are 100% human hair guaranteed, and of course you can curl it. : ) And for the color, you can dye it to a darker color, but can not dye it brighter.